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Dental Implant & Invisalign Digital Marketing

#1 Resource For Client Acquisition. Our Only Focus Is generating Highly Qualified Dental Implant & Invisalign Leads For Your Business……

Why Choose Us

Let’s start with the most important reason. We are experts at Digital Marketing for Client Acquisition for Dental Implants & Invisalign treatment and we have ex-Facebook employees that will manage your marketing.  Unfortunately, Dental Businesses hire Digital Marketing Agencies that use outdated methods to implement Digital Marketing.  This puts a financial burden on Dental businesses budgets and most of the time, doesn’t generate clients.   In most cases, 99% of these Agencies focus on multiple verticals and haven’t done the research to discovery there is a better way of doing things.  

Global One 360 Marketing Group takes a scientific approach to discovering the best way to generate highly qualified targeted leads. We do this by improving the quality score of your advertorial and strategically & tactfully placing your keywords in front of those highly qualified leads.

Dental Implants

Invisalign Treatment

What We Can Do For You

Reduce Marketing Spend

Through rigorous testing, we have discovered a method to reduce advertising by 40%.  Less than 1% of Digital Marketing Agencies are aware of this methodology.  We have taken a scientific approach and applied it to the Google and Facebook algorithm. To take this one step further, we have reached out to Google to get a better understanding of what it takes to reduce the price of ads and what additional measures we need to put in place to get the best results.

Increase Clientele

Finding the right clients means finding highly qualified clients that increase the chance to convert into a paying customer.  We deploy hyper-targeted campaigns that find people in your local surrounding cites that are searching for Dental Implants. The secret to this is using specially placed keywords in the search criteria.  So when someone searches for Dental Implants, your business shows up, instead of your competition.

Get Predictable Results

Getting predictable realistic results are important.  Getting this consistently is also important to your business.  Our approach is to present you with your competition statistics in your local area and give you a better understanding of how they are taking advantage of Digital Marketing.  Using these statistic models, you will get a true representation of what it would cost you to get a competitive advantage over other businesses that offer the same services.

How It Works


We consult with you on your business needs and get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not working in your marketing strategy.

Create Advertisement

We create a winning campaign to find your ideal client.  We focus on clients that are ready to take action and filter out those that are not ready.

Optimize & Monitor

We optimize your campaign and monitor the results closely so we can ensure you have a winning ad and then we scale to maximize ROI.


We provide you reports that are simple and easy to read.  This will give a sense of confidence.  Our goal is to build trust and establish long lasting relationships.


I already have a SEO Agency.  Why would I use you?

Because we have perfected generating leads in two of the most profitable areas in the dental industry, Dental Implants, and Invisalign Treatment.  Our first mission is to save you revenue right out of the gate.  Our second mission is to create you a consistent pipeline of customers that need Dental Implants and Invisalign treatment.  More than likely your Digital Agency doesn’t have the expertise in marketing for this very specific niche, which means they don’t focus on these areas, which we deem as critical revenue generators.

How Long Will It Take To Setup My Campaign?

To setup a winning campaign normally takes 14 days because of the demand of our services.  

Where Will My Clients Come From?

We target the surrounding local areas in your city. We can work with you to determine the locations you would like to target.

Do You Have Any Reviews?

You can go to our Facebook page where you will find more than enough reviews.  Click Here 

Do You Perform Digital Marketing For Other Dental Services?

Yes.  We offer Digital Marketing for all Dental Services and appreciate any referrals that you might suggest.

Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?

We understand the climate that has taken place and the budget situation with each business varies.  We are in the market to build great relationships and trust.  If we don’t meet your expectations, you don’t pay us anything.  All the risk is on us and we are confident that we can exceed your expectations.

How Much Should I expect To Pay?

For highly qualified Dental Implant lead and Invisalign patients, you can expect to pay $3500 – $5000 per month, minimum 6-month contract.   Example, if we generate 30-40 leads per month.  The cost would be a minimum of $3500 for all 30 leads, up to 40 leads.  Anything above 40 leads per month is $5000.

What if I have more questions?

You can setup a strategy call with us Book Now.